Twenty Classics

When I was in journalism school, we were always judged on our most recent assignment. That’s fine, but time marches on. After more than thirty years of photojournalism, it’s sometimes fun to take a trip back to some earlier work.

GIDDY UP GOAT —Sam Pearson, left, and neighbor Pat McCuen soak up the scenery on Friday as they take a leisurely ride on Pearson Road in Southern Greenville County. The goats are owned by Pearson, a retired school janitor who set up lawn chairs for himself and McCuen on a small haywagon. (AP LASERPHOTO) (dc71900mbr/Doral Chenoweth/Greenville News) 1989
ROCK HILL, SC–JUNE 20–SOMBERO SHIELD–Robert Shelton, 65, uses the wide brim of his sombero to shield himself for the heat while plowing his 20-acre plot of peanuts and corn of S.C. 72 between Rock Hill and Chester. (AP LASERPHOTO) (dc4190mbr/Doral Chenoweth/The Herald)
MAKING A BREAK– Four mules took to the highway Wednesday afternoon about a mile south of Boiling Springs, N.C. on State Route 150. The mules belong to Randy and Brenda Anthony of Boiling Springs, who rounded them up shortly after their walk began. Brenda Anthony’s parting comment to a passerby: “Want to buy some mules?” (AP LASERPHOTO) (dc51230mbr/Doral Chenoweth/The Greenville News) 1988
This print was in the box holding a bunch of my old AP Laserphotos, but this one doesn’t have the AP caption. This much I recall: there was a circus opening that night near Greenville and these kids were spending their afternoon spying on the crews assembling the rings inside the tent. Probably 1988.

ROCK HILL, S.C.–APRIL 12–AFTER THE ACT–Longjeans the stilt-walking clown, also known as John Kelly, takes a breather against his car after meeting with the mayor of Rock Hill. Longjeans was promoting the Great American Circus, which performs Friday in Rock Hill. (AP LASERPHOTO) (dc51430mbr/Doral Chenoweth/Herald) 1990
Some of these old photos have captions attached to them; this one does not. I can’t recall any details except that it was a found situation; it was not an assignment. Maybe the building caught fire the night before and he was there to salvage what he could. It was outside Greenville, South Carolina in 1988 or 1989.
Again, no caption here. But sometimes you just can’t make up this stuff. Greenville, South Carolina in 1988 or 1989.