Twenty Photographs

Rev. Eric Brown is one of three pastors who have recently spoken to us about their dismay over the Columbus mayor’s lack of
response to their requests to take Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan out of the police department entirely and address
the culture of racism inside the department.
Jonathan Brown is a student at Capital University who has already received his university iPad. He says it helps level the
playing field between students who have resources and those who do not. May 2021
Once one of the largest milk processing plants in the country, the Budd Dairy building has been transformed into a food hall. The building originally opened in 1916. Budd Dairy Food Hall is part of the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants portfolio. June 2021
Eric Kramer holds his newly-adopted daughter, Natalie, as they walk the streets of Guangzhou, China. January 2013
The Christopher Columbus statue was removed from Columbus City Hall in July 2020. Officials say it remains part
of the city’s public art collection and is in storage under the oversight of a conservation professional.
Carey Harris talks with her daughter Kaylie as casket bearers prepare to place her body in a hearse for the ride from John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio to a funeral home in Springfield, Ohio on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Kaylie Harris was an Army MP stationed in Anchorage. She alleged that she was raped by a colleague, an Airman, in January shortly after coming out on social media. Harris’s family believes the rape was also a hate crime directed at her because she was lesbian. She printed a suicide note on May 2, 2021
and was found with a gunshot wound to her head.
Mikey’s Late Night Slice is a popular late-night restaurant at 1030 N. High St. in the Short North.
Columbus firefighters battle a blaze at the construction site of The Residences at Topiary Park apartment building on
South Washington Avenue Downtown on Sunday morning May 31, 2020.
Dayton Fire Department firefighter Cal Holloway is helping other firefighters understand the cancer risks of their profession.
Aaliyaha Tucker holds a photo she took of Ma’Khia Bryant when Ma’Khia was a classmate of hers at Canal Winchester High School. Bryant was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer as Bryant swung a knife at a young woman.
People stroll down N. High St. near Hubbard Avenue on a weekend evening.
Columbus firefighter Mark Rine looks forlornly at his old locker, which has now been taken over by another firefighter. He was visiting his old fire house, Station Eight, which is at Long St. and Champion Ave. on the Near East Side. Rine has been on a crusade to warn fellow firefighters about the cancer risks resulting from toxic fires.
Old Glory flies over the “Soldier’s Circle” graves of Civil War veterans at Green Lawn Cemetery Sunday afternoon, Feb. 21, 2021. Randy Rogers, president of the Green Lawn Cemetery Association, said there are about 500 Union men buried in this section and they were mostly recruits who hadn’t left for the Civil War yet or they were men supporting the war effort from Columbus army depots. Some were men who were sent to Columbus to recuperate from war wounds, but died here. Rogers said there are no women buried in this section.
Reginald Wilkinson was the director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections during which time he oversaw more than two dozen executions. From the “I Took A Life” series in the Columbus Dispatch.
“Everyone here is a slave. I mean, we’re all slaves to our addiction” said Mike Schoenewolf, a homeless Fentanyl addict. He said he was dope-sick, a term used to describe the need for another hit of a drug to achieve a sense of normalcy. He was leaning against a Sullivant Avenue sign, waiting on his girlfriend to return from turning a trick so he could buy more Fentanyl. It took a few hours, but she returned and he bought drugs. From the “Suffering on Sullivant” series in the Columbus Dispatch.
The Arena District growth along Spring Street includes the Huntington Park, Nationwide Arena. Photographed June 22, 2021.
A Facebook banner photo shows some of the dedicated journalists who produce the
Columbus Dispatch and  Clockwise from top left is Sheridan Hendrix, Scot Kirk, Titus Wu,
Joshua Bickel, Mark Ferenchik, Amelia Robinson, Anna Staver and Alan Miller.
A street medic assists a woman who had just been pepper-sprayed during the George Floyd protests around the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on Sunday, May 31, 2020. As soon as he helped her, he turned the bottle on his own eyes.
Moments after buying it from a Franklinton drug house, Natasha Conkey snorts a hit of heroin. Her common-law husband, Adam Conkey, holds the can for her. It was her second hit of the day. They have been doing heroin for years.
In the jockey room, Beulah Park chaplain Rev. Vincent Harris prays with long-time jockey Perry Ouzts (cq) before a race. The jockey said he certainly appreciates the pre-race prayer because of the dangerous nature of his work.
He said being a jockey has caused him about 30 broken bones.